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Be Creative

Album cover

1 Be Creative
2 Just Be
3 Sticks and Stones
4 Where Are You
5 When You’re in Love
6 If (feat. Rudyard Kipling)
7 Without Love
8 Vasilis
9 A Perfect Night
10 Be the Change
11 I Cry for Everyone
12 Wake Up

‘Freedom'(Adult Alternative)

Freedom CD Cover

1. Call Me (featuring Tony Visconti)
2. Saviour
3. You Belong To Me
Listen… 4. Ocean Waves
5. I Need You Love
6. Freedom
Listen… 7. Fly (featuring David Hykes)
8. Let It Go
9. I Miss You
Listen… 10. One Step Closer (featuring Tony Visconti)
11. So Far Away

‘GASH’ is Chris Birkett’s Heavy Rock Band


Listen… 1. My Job
2. Nothing 2 Lose
Listen… 3. State Of Your Bedroom
Listen… 4.Somebody Wants You
Listen… 4. Ocean Waves
Listen… 5. Saber Dance
Listen… 6. The UUR
Listen… 7. How Long
Listen… 8. Joking
Listen… 9 Scream
Listen… 10. Hands
Listen… 10. One Step Closer (featuring Tony Visconti) Listen… 11. W.D.W.G.F.H.
Note: The songs on this GASH album are written by Chris Birkett and Jim Birkett

‘Men From The Sky’ (Adult Alternative)

Men From The Sky Cover

Listen… 1. On Our Way
Listen… 2. We Can Make It
3. Men From The Sky
4. Where Do We Go From Here?
5. Dreamtime
6. Why’d It Take So Long?
7. Lay Your Hands On Me
8. Man-Go-Free
9. Higher Than Your Dreams
10. We Are Not The Only Ones